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Lip sync wasn't bad, but remember, the top of the mouth shouldn't move, as it is fixed with the skull. That's all I could say on that. Funny storyline and the movement was really smooth.

Some good Motion Graphics there! Isometric view was definitely a good decision to give the piece a bit depth and more interest. Masking the globe gave a very nice effect, too.
Some timing issues here and there, but generally a very nice piece.

Hey there, all really decent stuff there. I'd really recommend the Animator's Survival Kit. It's a fantastic book from Richard Williams and it shows you some excellent ways to do the bouncing ball, walk cycles and 4-legged walk cycles, amongst others.
If I could pick on two things, it's that when the ball falls, it goes too thin for the size of it. If it goes that thin, it should stretch up further so it looks like it has the same mass, just elongated. For the room it is bouncing in there, I'd have made it a little fatter, but the easing in and out worked well, and the squash at the bottom was really good. Gave a really nice impact. Second thing is your Day 7 piece, the tentacles, again - if I was to be doing it, would contract in a bit to reflect the ripples/waves of them.
So if _ turns into ~ the length would shorten due to the bends, but the area would still be the same. It's just because the bends are pulling the end of the tentacle in slightly.
Minor things, really. But they don't take away how well you've done, so don't worry. Can't wait to see some more from you!

Kalixo responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate your advice and criticism. I will purchase the book ASAP, sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been gone a while to focus on school, but now I'm back. Thanks again!

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Can't wait for more... >_> Keep making it!

A fun little time waster game! It would be cool if you expanded on the game, a few different combos, a few more characters (think like the game Rival Schools) but I really enjoyed this!

Zenas responds:

Thank you though I do not plan on expanding on this game because I made in 2007 and I don't want to edit it.

Pretty damn wrong, but I led the music

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Bum notes abound


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