New short uploaded which is my final year masterpiece project. Looking for all comments and criticism. Thanks in advance!591719_143064905522_c3383659ChrisMcEwan02_00807.png

I'm Baaaaack!

2013-12-23 13:00:25 by Chitch

Chris McEwan AnimationAfter a while away from Flash, I've returned with Lonely This Christmas

New Flash!

2008-02-08 10:27:08 by Chitch

Well, it's me! I don't have too many fans here on NG, I know. But still, for those of you who read this, I'm gonna give you some info!

Resident Evil - The Zombie's Thoughts
Starsky And Hutch: Alternate Ending

These are the latest submissions of mine. Just shorts, though. The Resident Evil one was just a tester for a style I was experimenting with.
The Starsky And Hutch one is an old cartoon which I stopped making due to sound problems, which I fixed some time last year but never uploaded.

I have a couple cartoons lined up for the future, however.
The Completely Fictional, Time-Paradox Filled Adventures Of Little Choppy (TCFTPFAOLC) is my main project, but with another new style, I need to get used to it, so I'm using that as an excuse to make The Helghast Go To Blackpool. A story of a bunch of Helghast soldiers (Including John Cleese) going to Blackpool to have a really fun time. This will get me used to the style to make Little Choppy. WINNAR!

All the best! And thanks for your cunting time!

New Flash!